update from the Lab

We’d like to thank all the bloggers, tweeters and those who showed interest and anticipation for KONKREET PERFORMER during the last weeks since we posted that work-in-progress video on Vimeo.

We are working hard at the Lab preparing for the release in January, adding sweet little features, polishing the visuals and… other goodies, which we rather leave as surprises for the not too far future ;)

If you’re seeking more information and another video — AudioNewsRoom met us, reported about KP and summed up with one of my favourite quotes so far:

“I think it’s one of the few things I’ve seen until now that could really make you run to buy an iPad.”


In the video you can see a little showcase of the wobble-bass patch we made in Ableton Live especially for KONKREET PERFORMER, which will be available to download right from this website together with other presets, on the release of the App.
Konkreet Performer for iPad – preview for ANR

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