ParamDrum for Konkreet Performer

ParamDrum, the great Reaktor drum machine by Peter Dines just got an exciting new update for KONKREET PERFORMER! To quote Peter himself…

“A funny thing about the beats this thing throws down in conjunction with Konkreet – it’s so easy to make crazy fun beats that you’ll be making and saving one after another at a furious clip. That’s why this edition of ParamDrum has so many more snaps compared to earlier versions. And among the most warped of them, you will find that they only make sense early in the morning when your ears and mind are fresh. When your ears, body and mind are exhausted, late at night, you will lose the ability to follow the sickest beats. So never delete snaps late at night. True story.”

Get the full story with audio samples, cheat sheet and a special deal on ParamDrum plus the sampler pack at the Reaktor Tips website.


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