Live Sound Design on NASA Documentary

“The Workshop was a success, everybody was amazed by the possibilities of Konkreet Performer and to push it to the most beautiful experience Live, I demonstrate its use on the Sound Design department, building a real time soundtrack of 3 minutes and 30 sec on a space NASA documentary film.
It was absolutely unique: on one big screen there where the mirroring of Konkreet on my iPad and the second the video from the arrangement view in Ableton Live and people had the possibility to experience what happens during the music creation/improvisation phase of a acousmatic soundtrack creation using KP.”

- Adriano Clemente, certified Ableton Live trainer and teacher



Back in July, Adriano held an official Ableton User Group meeting at New York’s Devotion Gallery, including how to use Konkreet Performer as a tool for sound design, soundscapes, soundtrack, A/V production and improvisation.


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