PERFORMER Version 1.2 with INERTIA Control

The KONKREET PERFORMER Version 1.2 release is now available as a free update via the iTunes Store.

We’ve added something special: INERTIA control, enabling smooth morphing, from fast and responsive to ultra slow gradual transitions.



Inertia gives you new behaviour:

  • when dragging the object, the nodes are pulled according to the inertia value
  • using snapshots or jump mode sets a target to which the object morphs according to the inertia value

Inertia Features:

  • Variable Inertia Setting: for smooth morphing transitions in your music
    • A value of zero disables inertia
    • Around 30 is the equivalent of the old “easing” speed in version 1.0.6
    • 100 is the maximum inertia, for super slow movement.
  • Control Inertia from Preferences Screen or directly via the Ribbon (for real-time changes during performance)
  • Gestures (rotate/pinch) can be used seamlessly without interrupting the morphing movement

Additionally new to V1.2:

  • Snapshot Enhancement: Snapshot buttons now respond to touches dragged across them for really fast changes

Inertia control is probably the most requested feature from our users and we can’t wait to see and hear it in action!


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