Synth in a Book

Here’s our custom case for the great little MeeBlip digital synth – I assembled the synth itself a while back, but it needed a case… This 1950s German cookbook was initially just the trial run, but in the end it turned out so well, it’s going to stay like that.

And here it is in action together with Konkreet Performer:

MeeBlip is being fed MIDI signals from Ableton Live and the audio out is then processed again by Live. Konkreet Performer is controlling the MIDI velocity as well as audio effects.

MeeBlip itself was a breeze to build, the book casing was a bit trickier and probably spent more money on different types of glue than on the MeeBlip itself. Here’s the scrapbook:

I still have a copy of Karl Marx’ Das Kapital for the next synth…


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