Version 2 is here!

Finally… our long-awaited Version 2 is here and available as a free update for all Konkreet Performer users!

With KP v2 you can control MIDI apps and devices directly using iOS Core MIDI.


And there’s more new features…


  • each bank can use OSC or MIDI, completely independently
  • OSC: custom address patterns and ranges for all parameters
  • MIDI: custom MIDI messages, range and inversion
  • MIDI: MIDI channel is definable per bank
  • enable/disable any message
  • custom node and bank labels
  • single shot message triggering for use when MIDI/OSC learning on the DAW
  • independent master/node position per bank
  • re-written event engine
  • anti-aliasing on faster iPads (requires iOS 6.0 or higher)
  • multi-tasking support
  • all editing is on-board, no need for an editor on the computer
  • all parameters are saved in xml and are accessible via iTunes sync, so custom presets can be created and loaded into KP

Check out the in-depth Overview

Thanks to our beta testers and all KP-using musicians out there for your patience. We can’t wait for you to try out this fantastic new update!

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