As the dust settles after the epic Berghain finale for this year’s LUNA tour, can you tell us a little bit behind the LUNA tour concept and your live set-up?

Marc Romboy: The idea was to direct a unique and time-limited world tour in order to offer something different to the people who know us from our solo shows. Due to the fact that we love old analogue synthesizers but also follow the fast moving and exciting digital development we felt the urge to work out a set-up on stage displaying both of worlds. Besides MFB synths drum computers we used four different iPad apps like i.e. “Griid” to control Live 8 but also your “Konkreet Performer” which blew us away when we saw it first. We saw this as an amazing coincidence that you can control rings looking like the ones of planets, it fitted our Luna/Moon/Planet/Space concept perfectly.

Stephan Bodzin: Ah yes, that’s it. We both love this wide range – from analogue technology of the 70s to, for example, futuresque stuff like the Performer. To have both on stage makes the full impact for ear & eye.

We remember your enthusiasm for the early Konkreet Performer/Visualiser concept – how did you integrate it in your live show set-up?

MR: Yeah, when Stephan first showed me the Youtube movies of your app I really was like “Oh my gosh, what is this?” Having the opportunity to use this program in order to control the synth parameters and displaying this in combination with our visuals was a novelty I personally had not seen before. And the crowd was really like “Wow!” in any club we performed.

SB: One of biggest challenges in electronic so-called “live-set” these day is to make the people see & feel that you’re really performing live, not only shooting audio-clips. Our definition of “live” was always to work on those synths playing the “main-themes” just like in good old days. as no-one can carry a real Minimoog on stage it’s great to have all those brilliant sounding software synths. And at this point the Performer with its brilliant function, design AND possibility to screen all you’re doing in real-time played a leading part in our (audio and visual) concept.

We created Performer to offer a completely new method to control existing music software and also to show the audience what the musician is really doing up on stage; did it meet your expectations?

MR: Yes, of course. Your visions and work have given us the opportunity to transport something outstanding to the people that they really deserve. From my personal point of view the time of playing some CDs and that’s all is over and I’m not sad about this at all. It’s still mainly about the music but there is more than two ears we have. We are living in a multi-media age so that the show factor is becoming more and more essential. I compare it a little bit with a science fiction story which I prefer to watch as a movie instead of reading the book or listening to a narrator.

SB: I agree. Nothing to add :-)

Rex Club, Paris: official SystematicTV docu video:

Can you tell us a little about both of your future plans, both solo work and more collaborations?

SB: I’m working on my second solo-album at the moment which will be released in 2012. At the same time I’m working on a concept for the album-live-tour which will follow of course. Konkreet Labs will be part of that, that’s for sure ;-)
And just like Marc, I’m touring solo around the planet, from time to time we hook up for a b2b which is always big fun :-)

MR: When it comes to me I have just started a collaboration with Smithson/Martin in order to represent and play on the Emulator project. For those who don’t know it’s a 42-inch touch screen which is transparent and you can spin records there as you do it with Traktor. It reminds people of the movie Minority Report, you know? Besides this I have just started to write down a concept referring my solo live show but the stage is quite early and I don’t know when I can realize this idea, but I’m pretty sure that the great ideas and innovations of Konkreet Labs will be involved!

Stephan and I are currently working on our solo things again but we will play b2b DJ sets from time to time and for sure the day will come when we begin a brand new project, what ever it might be (smiles).

Thanks gentlemen!

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