Ableton User Group NY & Alternative Controllers

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Adriano Clemente, certified Ableton Live trainer and teacher, will hold an official Ableton User Group at New York’s Devotion Gallery on alternative ways to control Live.

Music Hack Day Berlin

Getting Ready For Music Hack Day

Full info at: …really looking forward to it and seeing the result of a weekend’s worth of hacking…!  

Free Win & Mac | OSC to MIDI converter

KonkreetPerformer MaxPatch

// UPDATE // As since v.2.0. PERFORMER supports MIDI, this is no longer needed. // UPDATE // Thanx to Alkama, there’s finally a good looking and nicely working alternative to OSCulator and PureData that also runs on Windows machines! It’s specially designed for work with Konkreet Performer, and best of all, it’s FREE!

Arcturan UltraTheremin & Performer


Peter Dines presents this very playful instrument for Reaktor / Konkreet Performer users. A 3-voice Theramin-like synth, uses 3 nodes and a ribbon.

Konkreet Performer Live on Stage


We’re pleased to announce that Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy’s LUNA tour is underway and features KONKREET PERFORMER + KONKREET VISUALISER live on stage and the big screen.

PERFORMER v.1.0.6 update is out!

New features & enhancements: Multitouch now supports up to 11 touches (previously 5 touches) Bank buttons now issue OSC (up/down/value) OSC In supports up to 10 node length/angle (previously 4 nodes) Info splash screen when installing app for first time Default OSC ports changed to 10000 & 10001 for more convenient Reaktor compatibility Bug fixes: […]

FWA Award


PERFORMER is the FWA Mobile of the Day!


KONKREET PERFORMER is here! In the App Store now!    

Submission | PERFORMER v.1.0

Much excitement at the lab, after long days and nights of coding, testing and refining the app, with ever growing amounts of coffee in inverse ratio to sleeping hours: KONKREET PERFORMER has been finally submitted to Apple’s App Store!

update from the Lab

We’d like to thank all the bloggers, tweeters and those who showed interest and anticipation for KONKREET PERFORMER during the last weeks since we posted that work-in-progress video on Vimeo.