Sound on Sound

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“The most powerful multi-touch controller app is undoubtedly Konkreet Labs Performer”   – Sound on Sound Nov. 2011 issue: Apps For Controlling Ableton Live

Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland 2011

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KONKREET LABS has been selected as one of the 32 “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland 2011″ start-ups!

Synth in a Book


Here’s our custom case for the great little MeeBlip digital synth – I assembled the synth itself a while back, but it needed a case… This 1950s German cookbook was initially just the trial run, but in the end it turned out so well, it’s going to stay like that. And here it is in […]

Performer at MSI Chicago’s Smart Home exhibition

Smart Home Exhibit @ The Museum of Science and Industry

Gizmodo and the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago chose Konkreet Performer to be featured in the 2011 Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit.

PERFORMER Version 1.2 with INERTIA Control

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The KONKREET PERFORMER Version 1.2 release is now available as a free update via the iTunes Store.

Live Sound Design on NASA Documentary


“The Workshop was a success, everybody was amazed by the possibilities of Konkreet Performer and to push it to the most beautiful experience Live, I demonstrate its use on the Sound Design department

Twisted KP – Advanced OSC Converter

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From our friends at Twisted Tools: “Twisted KP is a dedicated OSC converter for Konkreet Labs Performer application for the iPad.

ParamDrum for Konkreet Performer


ParamDrum, the great Reaktor drum machine by Peter Dines just got an exciting new update for KONKREET PERFORMER!

Ableton User Group NY & Alternative Controllers

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Adriano Clemente, certified Ableton Live trainer and teacher, will hold an official Ableton User Group at New York’s Devotion Gallery on alternative ways to control Live.

Music Hack Day Berlin

Getting Ready For Music Hack Day

Full info at: …really looking forward to it and seeing the result of a weekend’s worth of hacking…!