Sound on Sound

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“The most powerful multi-touch controller app is undoubtedly Konkreet Labs Performer”   – Sound on Sound Nov. 2011 issue: Apps For Controlling Ableton Live



“As with any piece of gear or software that gives you powerful control over your DAW/DJ program, it’s the way that you customize it to make it your own that really matters anyway, and thankfully Konkreet Labs’ Performer shines in this aspect.”  

Computer Music UK


“It’s time for controller apps to get some of that sexy iPad polish … you feel your way to musical success by manipulating abstract objects. ”  



“Digitales Origami: Konkreet Performer löst verkrustete Interface-Strukturen mit filigraner Schönheit auf … Insgesamt ein ziemlich interessantes Tool, das abseits von altbekannten Standards neue Wege in Sachen Interfacedesign betritt und die Möglichkeiten des iPads voll nutzt. Lohnt sich!”