Two New Instruments from

featured have just released two great Reaktor instruments with Konkreet Performer in mind… Mirage 1.9.6 and an OSC To MIDI Converter.

OBLIQUE a free MAX for LIVE Synth


Happy 2012! Here’s our new year’s present for you: Oblique – a free Max for Live synth that takes full advantage of Performer’s unique experience and expands it to the audio realm.

Live Sound Design on NASA Documentary


“The Workshop was a success, everybody was amazed by the possibilities of Konkreet Performer and to push it to the most beautiful experience Live, I demonstrate its use on the Sound Design department

Twisted KP – Advanced OSC Converter

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From our friends at Twisted Tools: “Twisted KP is a dedicated OSC converter for Konkreet Labs Performer application for the iPad.

ParamDrum for Konkreet Performer


ParamDrum, the great Reaktor drum machine by Peter Dines just got an exciting new update for KONKREET PERFORMER!

Arcturan UltraTheremin & Performer


Peter Dines presents this very playful instrument for Reaktor / Konkreet Performer users. A 3-voice Theramin-like synth, uses 3 nodes and a ribbon.



“Digitales Origami: Konkreet Performer löst verkrustete Interface-Strukturen mit filigraner Schönheit auf … Insgesamt ein ziemlich interessantes Tool, das abseits von altbekannten Standards neue Wege in Sachen Interfacedesign betritt und die Möglichkeiten des iPads voll nutzt. Lohnt sich!”