We were really impressed by the videos of the Dromos project, and especially to see Konkreet Performer used in it. Tell us a bit about the Dromos project. Did you already have some AV ideas and Paul Virilio’s concepts fitted them, or was Virilio’s Dromology the starting point for you?

Paul Virilio’s idea were at the origin of the project. His ideas are really inspiring. We were looking for strong meaning ideas to develop a new AV performance, and his work located somewhere between philosophy and technology influence immediately spoke to us. That was around 2009 or so. Then we really started to worked on Dromos in 2010, and got the chance to present a beta version in 2011 in Rennes (France) for the ElectroniK festival. After that we started to work out an improved version in Montreal for the SAT full immersive dome, the satosphere, where we presented it during the last Mutek festival.


Can you tell us a bit about how you use Performer in the DROMOS live performance?

Dromos is designed for an immersive environment. It associates generative visuals running under Touch Designer that are taken care of by Maotik, and live experimental electronic that I play both with Reaktor and Ableton Live. Both sides are talking together in OSC. For my side, the sound, I use Performer for two tasks, really different. We designed Dromos for a 20.1 system although it could be adapted for lower system. So the first task was to be able to move sound sources positions in the sound map of the dome with Performer. The second one was to control Reaktor ensembles parameters.

How did you come across Konkreet Performer?

I came to KP when I got an iPad. I was looking for a different way to control virtuality… so logically, I got interested by it. It eventually became a day to day tool I’m using in sound synthesis in my studio. For instance, I work a lot with Reaktor, and the easy mapping possibility of KP controls give that software a very powerful versatility. It really improved my ability to make silly and unexpected noises!


How has Dromos been received by the Mutek visitors?

The performance itself happened each day of the festival, two times and even four times a day for the last day…..it was a incredible experience to make a real-time experimental show in a venue like the satosphere for Mutek. The beginning was ..like a beginning ;) I guess, and I hope, Mutek visitors liked it. I’ve been told that it was sold out, and that the SAT had to refuse more and more people for last ones. We couldn’t expect a better end!

Can you tell us a little about both of your future plans?

We have another immersive installation in the satosphere called ObE coming up in mid-January. We are in the middle of the production. This one won’t be a performance. It’s going to be somewhere between installation and interactive show. A weird thing that you’re not allowed to miss! Then we’ll be working on new installation, AV performance, and still developing Dromos for other immersive Domes. Stay tuned!

Any closing words you’d like to add?

Nothing more than a big thanks to everyone at the SAT and Mutek for giving us the chance to make that project happen.

Thanks guys!


Photo by Sébastien Roy – Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

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