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MIDI Connection

In Konkreet Performer, there’s no configuration needed – it will automatically connect to any available MIDI inputs. The config screen shows the current connection status:

For step-by-step instructions on how to connect MIDI, check out our tutorials.

OSC Connection

If you want to connect to an OSC client like Native Instruments Reaktor or Cycling 74 Max/MSP:

  1. Make sure your iPad and your computer are both on the same wireless network.
  2. In Konkreet Performer’s main performance screen, double-tap the upper right button to access the Preferences Screen.
  3. In the Preferences Screen, in the top section marked OUT, enter your computer’s hostname (e.g. mycomputer.local.) or IP address (e.g. Leave the port number as 10000 for now.
    • We recommend using hostname rather than IP address, it’s much more convenient especially when on the move and changing wlan network often: your laptop’s IP address may change, but hostname stays the same.
    • Avoid using a hostname containing any spaces: mypc.local. is good. my pc.local. is bad. Sometimes the iPad’s auto-correction feature likes to sneak spaces in, so worth double-checking!
    • Don’t worry about the OSC In address and port for now, these are not essential for making music.
    • A standard wifi network will work fine, but for lowest latency performance we recommend creating an Ad-Hoc direct computer-to-iPad connection. More details on Ad-Hoc for Mac OS X, Windows XP or Windows 7.)
  4. Double-tap the upper right button again to return to the performance screen and you’re done! Performer should now be able to send OSC messages to your computer.


MIDI & OSC Mappings

To open the MIDI & OSC Mapping view, double-tap on the Mapping button on the performance screen (on right-hand edge, just below the Preferences button).

Bank-level Settings

  • Bank Label – each bank can be given a custom name
  • MIDI/OSC mode selector for current bank. When in MIDI mode, the MIDI channel for this bank can also be set.

Parameter Mapping

Just touch the element (master, node, ribbon) you want to edit.

Each row shows (from left to right):

  • Enable/Disable button for sending this message
  • The event name
  • For OSC: the address pattern
  • For MIDI: the MIDI message type & MIDI message value
  • Range button – to adjust or invert the parameter range
  • Single-shot button – to send a single-shot message (useful when MIDI learning with other software)

Each node can also be given a custom label.

Parameter Range


  • Indicator bar shows current value
  • Drag Min and Max bars to adjust range
  • Range is 0.0 to 1.0 for OSC, 0 to 127 for MIDI
  • Double-tap range area to invert it
  • The range button icon will glow bright white whenever the range is not at default

Bank Button Messages

Tapping the bank up/down buttons also sends out fixed OSC messages:

  • Bank up [/bank/up] – issues a 1 when bank up button is touched
  • Bank down [/bank/down] – issues a 1 when bank up button is touched
  • Bank value [/bank/value] – the absolute bank number from 1 to 8

Tips for mapping the bank buttons: here