– Running version of Ableton Live 8 with Max for Live
(Note: Oblique also works with the free 30-day trial version of Max for Live)
Konkreet Performer

Download Oblique | Mac

Download Oblique | Win [Beta]


1. Drag and drop the whole folder named Oblique from the folder that you downloaded to Ableton’s
Live Device Browser.
2. Open the folder and double-click on the Oblique device.
3. Launch Performer on your iPad and keep the port to 10000. When the Max for Live device
and Performer are connected, the message ”awaiting messages from Performer” disappears, and
the device interface becomes clearer. Note that the track has to be armed to receive data from
4. In Performer’s preference screen, set the number of nodes to 5. Play a MIDI note on your
keyboard or create a MIDI clip in Live and start moving the nodes…
5. Enjoy !

Note : if the device does not react, click on the LED in the top left corner of the Oblique device. Also make sure your iPad
and Computer are on the same network.



As standard, Oblique uses the first 5 nodes, and the 5 remaining ones are not used. If you want to use these other nodes, some rerouting of the OSC messages is necessary. For this, we’ve provided an OSCulator preset.

NOTE: If you don’t plan on using more than 5 notes, NO OSCulator or any other OSC to Midi converting tool is needed.

Here is a working setup :
– set Performer’s OUT port to 10002.
– open OSCulator’s preset KP_oblique. Messages from the first 5 nodes are rerouted from port 10002 to port 10000 (Oblique) while the remaining OSC messages are converted to MIDI.
– you can now map any Live parameter to the nodes 5 to 10, through standard MIDI mapping.