We want you to experiment and discover the instrument by yourself. However, here are some general
principles that you can keep in mind.

  • Oblique works with a maximum of 5 nodes. You can work with less than 5 nodes. Although it will restrict the sonic capacities of Oblique, it will make it’s use easier, and can be interesting for the learning step.


  • The main node can be used to trigger sound. The timbre of the sound depends on the position of
    the other nodes. You are not obliged to touch the main node in order to have sound, if MIDI notes
    are coming in the synthesizer. This is just a different/complementary way of using Oblique.
  • Node #1 allows you to give a first rough base for your timbre.
  • Node #2, #3 and #4 affect the timbre of the sound in a distinctive way. The farther from the
    main node, the more you will hear them. They are all independent. It means that you can move
    the node #1 and it will not affect the way the other nodes change the sound.
  • The node #5 acts on the sound depending on its relative position to the other nodes.
  • The ribbon, when not used in the inertia mode, also acts on the sound. You can use it with several
  • Don’t forget to experiment with inertia !