Connecting to Ableton Live

This tutorial shows how to control Ableton Live from PERFORMER via WLAN.

1. Make sure your iPad and your computer are both on the same wireless network.

2. Start PERFORMER on the iPad.

3. Connect MIDI

a) Open Audio MIDI Setup (for Mac, this utility is built into OS X; for Windows, we recommend using rtpMIDI by Tobias Erichsen)



b) If the MIDI window is not already shown, then choose Show MIDI Window from the menu



c) In the MIDI Window, double-tap the Network icon to open the MIDI Network Setup



d) In the MIDI Network Setup window, if there is no session listed in the My Sessions list, then create one by pressing the “+” button.


e) In the Directory list, the iPad should appear. Select it and press Connect.



f) The iPad should now appear in the Participants list



g) You can also check the connection in the Preferences Screen in Performer. The MIDI WLAN status will show the IP address of the connected computer.



4. MIDI input in Ableton Live

a) In Live’s MIDI Preferences enable Track and Remote inputs from the Network Session



b) Now, in PERFORMER, check that you’re on a MIDI bank and when you move the object, Live’s MIDI input indicator will flash.



c) Done! PERFORMER can now control Ableton Live the same as any other MIDI controller.


Instant Mapping

Live’s convenient instant mapping feature is also supported with PERFORMER.
1. Install the Instant Mapping Script

a) Download our user remote script

b) Unzip

c) Put the folder named “Konkreet Performer” in:

  • Mac OS X: [your username]/Library/Preferences/Ableton/[your version]/User Remote Scripts
  • Windows: Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\[your version]\Preferences\User Remote Scripts

2. Now that Live’s User Remote Script is installed, launch Ableton Live
3. In Live’s Midi Preferences choose “Konkreet Performer” as control surface and Network (Session 1) as input.

4. Done! A 4-node PERFORMER object will now automatically control any 8-macro instrument rack, or any other default 8 parameters of any other plug-in/instrument.

Tip: the User Remote Script uses PERFORMER’s default MIDI messages. If you later customise the MIDI messages, the remote script may stop responding. In this case, either manually change the MIDI messages back, or just download the default preset and load into your preferred bank.

Manual MIDI Mapping

In addition to the instant mapping, individual controls can also be mapped manually using Live’s MIDI Learn function. PERFORMER makes this easy by providing single-shot buttons to send isolated MIDI messages.
1. In PERFORMER, open the Mapping Screen and select the element (master, node, ribbon) that you want to map.


2. In Live, enter MIDI mapping mode.

3. Select the parameter you want to control.

4. In Performer, tap the single-shot button on the right-hand side of the mapping row. This sends out just this single selected message and the MIDI message will be mapped to the parameter.


5. And then close Live’s MIDI mapping mode again… done!