Controlling MIDI devices via cable

With PERFORMER it’s possible to send MIDI via cable to your hardware synth or computer’s MIDI interface.

1. You’ll need an Apple Camera Connection Kit (CCK) and a USB-to-MIDI converter cable. We’ve tested using an E-MU Xmidi 1×1 Tab.(We’ve also had users confirm that the following also work fine: Yamaha i-MX1, iConnect MIDI and Edirol UM-2G.)

2. Plug them into the iPad and start PERFORMER.

3. PERFORMER will automatically connect and the status will update in the Preferences Screen.


4. Now, in PERFORMER, check that you’re on a MIDI bank and when you move the object, MIDI will be sent out.

E.g. on the E-MU interface the status lights flash.

c) Done! PERFORMER can now control MIDI devices the same way as any other MIDI controller.